Friday, September 11, 2015


Next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is the Stitches Conference in Irving, Texas.  I am going all weekend to help Abby of Twisted Owl Fiber Studio run her booth and I CANNOT WAIT.

Stitches is an event packed weekend with classes and a huge market place of awesome yarn and fiber related merchandise.

I highly suggest coming for a day or two if you can make it happen! The marketplace alone will be worth it, but the class schedule on top of that looks INCREDIBLE.

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Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Knitting While Traveling.

I get really into knitting while traveling.  Whether it is in the car or on a plane, I can "zone out" and unplug, so I get a LOT of knitting done.

All knitting needles and crochet hooks are allowed on planes- yes I understand sharp pointy items sound like the exact thing that would be confiscated, but it says right here that you can.  (The Yarn Harlot has a pretty hilarious post about this subject over here.) Also, you can take scissors under 4 inches, but I don't like to press my luck.

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That being said, some suggestions as to what to bring:

A smallish, but time consuming project.  On one hand, you don't want a project that is so large you have to wrangle it to keep it from falling in the stranger-next-to-you's seat, but on the other, you don't want something you will finish in the first hour of a 15 hour flight if you didn't bring the oh-my-gosh-will-these-get-taken-away scissors.

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Don't bring a project that requires scissors.  Anything with color changes is a no.  You will not be patient enough to remember how to tie a magic knot and get the knot on the correct side after running to catch the flight and realizing you have the middle seat.  Also, if you're close to the end of a ball of yarn, try to go ahead and switch to the full ball the night before.

Circular needles are your friend.  So are center-pull cakes of yarn.  basically anything that helps you not drop your materials in the floor and have to ask the person stuck behind you to help you find it.  (Hopefully you didn't lean your seat back at the beginning of this flight if you did drop something.)

Yeah- that is the guy from Full Metal Jacket.

Best of luck!


Friday, September 4, 2015


I am constantly inspired by Ashley Tousling and her podcast, Woolful.  I have been listening to Woolful since it first came out, the same month that I opened my shop.  I went through a feeling of "I don't know what I'm doing" and "why did I start this? There is so much I don't know yet!" I spent as much time as was physically possible teaching myself about fiber and knitting, and in an effort to even use the time I was driving, getting ready, and even when I was showering, I looked to podcasts.  Woolful was, and still is, a HUGE resource.

One of the most important thoughts I took away from Woolful in the beginning is that everyone's fiber journey is different, and that is great.  It's ok that I taught myself how to knit online not really that long ago.  It's ok that I didn't know some basics because of that until recently, or until after I had my shop.  We all are on our own journey and mine is pretty cool because it's mine.

Ashley also taught me about sustainable fibers and what I really want in a yarn line.  If I were ever to start my own line of yarn, I know exactly how I would want to cultivate it.  Sometimes the hard way is the right way for the long term.

Lastly, Woolful opened my eyes to GORGEOUS natural colors.  Working with the color of the sheep makes great products that are wearable.  Don't get me wrong, I love the brightest of brights and neon and Stephen West like no other, but I am very open to naturals now to balance it out.  Raw yarn is beautiful.

In January, I knit my first shawl, and my largest knitting project at that time, as a Knit A Long with Ashley.  I loved the project, and highly suggest the Nordic Wind Shawl to anyone looking for a great heavy winter piece.  I also loved the suggested yarn- Green Bow Farm Lopi Yarn.  It had the slightest bit of vegetable matter spun in- my absolute favorite thing.

Thank you, Ashley, for all you do! I love hearing your journey.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Age of Brass and Steam.

During my trip, I knew I wanted a project to knit on the plane and during the drive.  Mary Jo gave me the perfect idea to knit the Age of Brass and Stem Kerchief.

I knitted this at Fenway Stadium...

...and on the drive into Maine...

...and with my feet in the Atlantic.

I love the result!


Friday, August 28, 2015

Studio Space.

I feel like it is finally safe and not jinxing me if I talk about this online now- Michael and I are buying our first home! It has quite a few extra bedrooms, because we want it to be our forever home and where we eventually raise our family.  For now though, that means I have an awesome space that I can use as a home studio.

Here is the space as it currently stands.  It was being used as the master bedroom, and is upstairs in the attic conversion.  I absolutely love the shapes that the roof line causes in this space.  The floors are wood, but not an original hardwood like the main level of the house.  It's more of a subfloor that has been painted brown.  

Now for my dream:  

For the foundation, I'm thinking white walls and white floor.  It will be messy.  It will get paint on it.  It will show every dog hair and yarn fuzz.  It will be AMAZING for pictures.  

Another idea is to add black diamonds to the floor... or neon pink diamonds for that matter.  This was one of my favorite elements in Plan It Home when I worked there for Lorraine.  I would love to add the nod to her! 

I want my home to be very inviting and balanced- but this room? This is where I get to play and go all out.  Why not go for the style that I've loved for 10 years and go all out with color and chaos?! 

Tiffany Pratt and her "Glitter Suite" are serious goals.  

And of course, tassels will be EVERYWHERE. Do you even know me? 

xo- Victoria